Governance, Risk Management and Compliance LLM


To meet an increasing demand for legally trained compliance officers, the UConn School of Law has drawn on its excellence in the fields of compliance and insurance to establish an LLM in Governance, Risk Management and Compliance.

The LLM in Governance, Risk Management and Compliance offers those with a JD or foreign law degree the opportunity to pursue a course of study that provides a strong legal foundation in each branch within the field.

Students can expect to gain competence in the law regarding enterprise risk management and governance. A curriculum rich in corporate and regulatory governance, financial and insurance-based risk management and compliance will build a legal perspective on each topic. Students may also take courses in an area in which they wish to specialize.

This well-rounded LLM will prepare graduates to manage legal and regulatory risk within organizations and to exercise sound legal judgement under the pressure of a crisis situation.

Course Information

The courses approved for the Governance, Risk Management and Compliance LLM are listed in our course catalog. The Governance, Risk Management and Compliance LLM has five required courses, which are linked below. The remaining nine credits will consist of electives selected by the student, which focus on the particular regulatory domains in which the student seeks to specialize. Students may petition for the inclusion of other courses, subject to the approval of the director. All courses are open to LLM candidates as well as JD candidates, and only a few courses have prerequisites. At registration, each student formulates a curricular plan of study to be approved by the director of the LLM program.

Governance, Risk Management and Compliance LLM Course of Study

Graduate Profile

John Neumon, LLM ’22

“It's the most relevant timely program I've ever come across in my current position as an assistant attorney general".

John's full story