Energy and Environmental Law LLM


The LLM program in Energy and Environmental Law at UConn School of Law engages students and develops their expertise in global energy needs, climate change, renewable energy policy, environmental policy and land use.

Through the Center for Energy & Environmental Law, students have the opportunity to move beyond the classroom to practice-based learning opportunities, including:

  • field placements with state agencies, law firms, energy and environmental corporations and regulated utilities
  • the Semester in DC program, which places students at such federal agencies as the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy
  • applied research in a range of areas

Students have opportunities to attend lectures and events with science and research departments at UConn and other institutions. The flexible and unique program prepares students to integrate energy and environmental disciplines into their work, making them singularly valuable in their chosen professional fields.

Why Energy and Environmental Law

Center for Energy & Environmental Law

Global energy demands, climate change, environmental degradation and population growth place pressure on energy and environmental policy. Recognizing that these disciplines can no longer be taught separately, the UConn School of Law created the Center for Energy & Environmental Law in 2010 as part of a program for combined legal education, policy and scholarship.  The Center for Energy & Environmental Law enables students to focus their studies in these exciting areas by bringing together experts from many disciplines to tackle the complex challenges relating to the world’s environmental and energy futures.

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Course Information

The courses pre-approved for the Energy and Environmental Law LLM are listed in our course catalog. Students may also petition for the inclusion of other courses, subject to the approval of the director. All courses are open to LLM candidates and only a few courses have prerequisites. LLM students can participate in the Environmental Law Clinic and the Center for Energy & Environmental Law Field Placement Clinic. At registration, each student formulates a plan of study to be approved by the director of the LLM program.


Energy and Environmental Law
Course of Study

Graduate Profile

Philip Steitz, LLM ’22

“I wanted to use my skills as a lawyer to help solve the climate crisis”.

Philip's full story