Course of Study: Insurance Law LLM

The Law School courses pre-approved for the Insurance Law LLM are listed below. LAW7675 – Principles of Insurance is offered each semester and should be taken in the first semester. Students may petition for the inclusion of other courses, subject to the approval of the Director. All courses are open to LLM candidates as well as JD candidates, and only a few courses have prerequisites.

Required Course

  • LAW7675 – Principles of Insurance

Additionally, students who have a foreign law degree are required to take in the first semester:

  • LAW7535 – U.S. Law and Legal Institutions
  • LAW7585 – US Law and Legal Institutions: Research and Writing

Core Courses

  • LAW7673 – Alternative Risk Management
  • LAW7382 – Captive Insurance Law
  • LAW7916 – Comparative Insurance Regulation
  • LAW7680 – Comparative Regulation of Health Insurance Markets
  • LAW7554 – Compliance: The Legal Perspective
  • LAW 7340 – Cyber Insurance
  • LAW7928 – Employee Benefits and the Employee Retirement Income Security Act
  • LAW7691 – Health Care Financing
  • LAW7865 – Health Law
  • LAW7711 – Healthcare Liability Insurance
  • LAW7357 – Insurance and Discrimination
  • LAW7776 – Insurance Finance
  • LAW7781 – Insurance Litigation, Current Issues and Trends
  • LAW7717 – Insurance Regulation
  • LAW7799 – Insurance Solvency Law and Regulation
  • LAW7354 – Insurance, Current Issues In
  • LAW 7342 – InsurTech Venturing
  • LAW7677 – International Business Transactions
  • LAW7771 – Islamic Finance and Investment Law
  • LAW7894 – Law and Economics
  • LAW7786 – Law of Marine Insurance
  • LAW7686 – Liability Insurance
  • LAW7563 – Life Insurance, Annuities and Disability Income Insurance Law
  • LAW 7325 – Mass Tort Litigation and the Role of Liability Insurance
  • LAW7787 – Principles of Reinsurance
  • LAW7790 – Property Insurance
  • LAW7724 – Securities Regulation
  • LAW7774 – Surety Law
  • LAW7864 – Workers’ Compensation Law

Related Courses

LLM students may count one course from the list of Related Courses towards their degree, with no permission required.  Students who wish to get credit for an additional Related Course, or to substitute a course not on this list, should make the case for doing so to the Director of the Insurance LLM.