Course of Study: Human Rights and Social Justice LLM

The Law School courses pre-approved for the Human Rights and Social Justice LLM are listed below. International Human Rights (offered each spring semester) is a required course.  Students may petition for the inclusion of other courses, subject to the approval of the director. All courses are open to LLM candidates as well as JD candidates, and only a few courses have prerequisites.

LLM students can participate in the Asylum and Human Rights Clinic and are allowed to take up to 6 credits of graduate courses offered on the Certificate in Human Rights at the Storrs and Greater Hartford campuses. At registration, each student formulates a curricular plan of study to be approved by the director of the LLM program.

Required courses:

  • LAW7878 – International Human Rights

Additionally, students who have a foreign law degree are required to take in the first semester:

  • LAW7535 – U.S. Law and Legal Institutions
  • LAW7585 – US Law and Legal Institutions: Research and Writing

Pre-approved courses:

  • LAW7376 – Access to Justice
  • LAW7810 – American Indian Law
  • LAW7914 – American Slavery and American Law: The Legal Origins of Racism in America
  • LAW7885 – Children and the Law
  • LAW7568 – Climate Law
  • LAW7609 – Clinic: Asylum and Human Rights
  • LAW7722 – Clinic: Human Rights and International Law
  • LAW7386 – Clinic: Immigration Detention and DACA
  • LAW7942 – Comparative Health Systems
  • LAW7872 – Comparative Law and Rights
  • LAW7350 – Constitution of the Child
  • LAW7825 – Consumer Protection Laws and Debt Collection
  • LAW7645 – Criminal Procedure
  • LAW7696 – Crisis in American Labor Law
  • LAW7380 – Critical Race Theory
  • LAW7372 – Disability Justice
  • LAW7360 – Diversity and Inclusion in the Legal Profession
  • LAW7901 – Elder Law
  • LAW7655 – Employment Discrimination Law
  • LAW7587 – Ethics of Public Health
  • LAW7653 – European Human Rights
  • LAW7657 – Family Law
  • LAW7592 – Health and Human Rights
  • LAW7883 – Human Rights Post Conflict Justice
  • LAW7358 – Human Rights, Topics In
  • LAW7529 – Immigration and Workplace Rights
  • LAW7672 – Immigration Law
  • LAW7357 – Insurance and Discrimination
  • LAW7805 – International Environmental Law
  • LAW7679 – International Law
  • LAW7766 – Labor Law: Organizing and Collective Bargaining
  • LAW7697 – Law and Public Education
  • LAW7593 – Law and Public Health
  • LAW7763 – Law and the Mental Health System
  • LAW7802 – National Security Law
  • LAW7876 – Philosophy of Collective Rights and Self-Determination
  • LAW7695 – Philosophy of Human Rights
  • LAW7381 – Race and Property in U.S. History
  • LAW7814 – Refugee Law
  • LAW7925 – Sexuality, Gender and the Law
  • LAW7905 – Special Education Law
  • LAW7759 – The Nuremberg Trials